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Since 2003 SEO Visions has been teaching and helping small businesses achieve online success. Instead of following manuals, dredging up guidelines and living in the yesterday, we embrace and leverage change, stay as current and lean as possible, and focus on helping you make your brand the best it can be. No lousy links purely to achieve a fictional numbers game. No “fake and bake” tactics from 2008.

Instead we focus on helping maximize your company’s exposure to your audience by working with you to develop high quality content people will love, and link to. And ensuring that your website is organized and optimized and shared in a way to leverage what you do, and your awesome content.

It’s the way the founder, Todd Mumford, set out to achieve value for clients, and the way we do things, to this day.

Today, this is simply called content marketing. It is a large part of what we do to connect the dots between SEO and branding. Businesses that build, endorse, support great content for their audience, and actively share it build a brand and prosper.

And better Brands simply perform better.

The game has changed. But our mission has not:

We’ll help you generate great, measurable results in the search engines by showing people and the search engines what makes you great.

What Can You Expect?

Great search results:

Aren’t being a technical SEO whiz
Aren’t pure link building
Aren’t social media likes and engagement
Aren’t only pure, usable, valuable content
Aren’t only living and breathing as a growing brand

They are a combination, a strategy developed using all of the above, with a focus to strive for pure excellence, based on leveraging everything that is good about you and what you do.

Join us in your journey to build your brand, one unique customer at a time.

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About  SEO Visions Founder & CEO Todd Mumford

Todd Mumford

SEO Visions was formed in 2003 by Todd Mumford who serves as CEO of the company. Todd is an entrepreneur and former web developer and real estate broker.

Todd’s humble roots began in 2003 when Todd left a career as a successful studio musician and teacher and moved into the realm of online web development. Little did he know at that time that the path he chose would lead him directly to SEO – an industry little talked about at that time – and online marketing. Fast forward 10 years, hundreds of conferences, training and work with small, medium and Fortune 500 companies, and Todd has created an innovative and forward-thinking marketing company focused on bringing out the best in businesses – and telling everyone about it.

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Todd has been featured in the following publications and blogs:

SEO News
Site Pro News
Straight North
Mens with Pens
Search Engine People
Century 21
Riverbed Marketing
Marketing Tech Tools

And is a member in good standing of:

Better Business Bureau
Web Analytics Association

Jared Mumford, COO

Jared Mumford

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To every Ying, there must be a Yang. And to every free-thinking creative studio musician turned marketing guru there must be a critical thinking, Spock-loving logic monger. Clearly this was evident when Jared and Todd joined forces to grow SEO Visions from a sole consultancy into a full service online marketing company. We are the Mumford brothers. And we aren’t part of the popular music group. (We thought you’d ask)

Jared plays a dual role in SEO Visions – Technical SEO Consultant and COO. Which makes perfect sense: if he’s not forcing an ITIL process on an unsuspecting employee, he might be found building a weighted table to summarize the relationship between internal / external link anchor percentage thresholds. If a chart, spreadsheet or data set is ever created within SEO Visions, you can be sure Jared either created it, or gave his seal of approval. Before SEO Visions, Jared’s background included web development, server administration and managerial roles in large corporations.

In the field of online marketing, Jared has consulted for many leading marketing agencies and companies including Disney Online Studios, TELUS and Doctors Without Borders.