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Achieving Top Rankings in Google Without Video

It’s hard to find an article about Internet marketing that doesn’t insist that you include videos on your website. “You’ll rank better!” “You’ll convert more visitors!” “You’ll outsell your competitors!!!” All of these assertions may be true, particularly for new websites and for website owners amplifying their Internet marketing efforts in 2013. But a recent

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State of the SEO Union: Alive or Dead?

Search Engine Optimization is very much alive — but different — in 2013.  A panel of experts convened in mid-March at the SXSW Interactive session said pretty much what we’ve been telling you for the past six months: SEO remains as relevant as ever, but ranking high on Google and Bing pages demands that you

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Weeds or Flowers? How to Determine the Value of Social Media

There is a lot to dislike about social media: It’s labor-intensive, difficult to control and hard to measure. So, does it make sense to jump into the fray of 425 million Google+ members, 500 million Twitter users and 1 billion Facebook account holders? Most evidence suggests that social media proves cost effective — if used

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SEO or CIA: How to Achieve Greater Transparency and Better Marketing Results

SEO or CIA? Your SEO provider may be using cloak and dagger techniques that could harm your company’s ranking and reputation: How to achieve greater transparency and better marketing results By Todd Mumford Search Engine Optimization is nearly as old as the Internet itself, but the SEO industry remains shrouded in mystery.  This is unfortunate

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Small Business Success: How Social Media Make It Possible

One good proof to the claim that time flies fast is the way social media evolved and how it penetrated online strategies employed in the business sector, especially for small enterprises. Social networking sites are no more limited to personal individual use, as they proactively made themselves available to businesses and professionals.   Here are

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