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Content Marketing Services

Crucial and Essential to the Future Success of Your Business

Content marketing is simply information of all kinds — blogs, articles, white papers, brochures and more — used to promote your business.
So, how does that it make it different from any other kind of marketing? And why it suddenly a hot topic in both traditional and online marketing circles?

Marketing Evolution

Before the birth of the Internet, companies relied on traditional marketing techniques such as public relations and advertising to increase customer awareness, brand loyalty and sales. If you wanted people to know about your company, you took out a newspaper ad, sent out fliers, hired phone solicitors or staged a community event.

The Internet introduced new technology and new marketing techniques. Marketing became less creative and more formulaic. SEO depended on keywords, not clever writing. Page ranking depended on the mastery of algorithms, not on the understanding of audience polls.
Successful Internet marketing had less to do with the quality of your company’s messages than on the quantity of your search words and how adept you or an SEO service provider was at optimizing them with keyword density, tag, links and other techy-tools.

So what happened?

As the Internet grew to unimagined size, the contest to win first page rankings turned what was once dubbed the Information Highway into an Information Dump. It didn’t take a few or even a few hundred keyword repetitions to get the prized positions, but thousands and tens of thousands and tens of tens of thousands.

There were a lot of words but a scarcity of valuable information on the Internet.

You can blame Google Panda or Penguin– or just common sense — for the inevitable clean-up. And the rise of content marketing.

A Merger of Old and New

Content marketing (sometimes also referred to as inbound marketing) is based on the premise that customers want real information when they search the Internet. A good content marketing strategy takes the best of old marketing practices — placements in high-authority publications, for example — and combines it with the best of new marketing practices — the ability to use technology to convert those placements into traffic to your site.

Google rewards companies that successfully provide information AND disseminate it in search-friendly ways. And your customers will too.
Good content marketing services are about providing value to your customer — and using the Internet to effectively reach those customers.

What Content Marketing Means to Your Company

Content marketing strategies are the future of all marketing — online and off — but, when considering the value of content marketing to your company, consider both your immediate and long-term needs.

In the short term, content marketing is the price you must pay to attain or continue to enjoy high page rankings. If you want to rank well in the search engines, you must do two things:

1. Create meaningful content in the form of such materials as blogs, webinars, guest posts, articles, videos and. whitepapers.
2. Promote the content in ways that search engines will pick up, drive traffic to your site and increase your page rankings.
In the short term, you need an SEO company who can create — or help you create — the kind of content Google is looking for. And you need one who knows how to optimize that content to get you the links and ranking you need to stay on the Internet map — and at the top of the search engine rankings.

Future of Content Marketing

In the long run, content marketing services will be essential to the success — and survival — of your company. The quality of your content, the quality of your placements and the quality of your big-picture content marketing strategy will define your company’s ability to stay ahead of every Google ruling and every competitor in your field.

The best content marketing practices provide real sustainable value to your customers and, in turn, to your company.