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Conversion Testing Campaigns

Conversion is a measure of when and how a potential customer follows the desired marketing path. This process is important, as turning traffic into customers is a critical path in business. Search engine traffic is important but converting customers is where the revenue lies.

Conversion funnel refers to the movement of the potential customer through the various steps in the marketing process while the rate refers to the percentage of unique visitors that followed the prescribed marketing channel.

How are These Services Performed?

Conversion optimization is science of monitoring, evaluating and reacting to the changes in conversion and related traffic; all of which are important in developing changes necessary to improve revenue and KPIs. The entire process and stratetgy is a complex integration of content, placement, usability, user testing, data capture and response as well understanding how to maximize your company’s products, services and unique competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Improving website conversion relies upon the website’s usability. The site needs to be clear, easy to follow and full of attractive, relevant content. The website needs to be entirely testing, consistently, for maximum presentation in all search engines and mobile devices – a process known as cross browser testing. The user needs to want to stay, needs a clear call to action and an easy path to execute the action. User testing is a standard process we always use to ensure that your demographic is comfortable with the page design, and can move through the conversion process swiftly.

The technical design of the website can make all the difference in the conversion process, load time, clarity and coding design all contribute to the user’s experience. Moving the user through the marketing process and into the conversion funnel requires great design, good flow and attractive or sticky content with a clear call to action. Creating a wide range of short, segmented tests called multivariate testing and A/B testing can help companies to understand what changes are creating the largest positive impacts to bottom lines and KPI’s

Benefits of Conversion

  • Moving traffic to customers (generate revenue)
  • Maximizing initial impact
  • Improving Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Using analytics to show progress and conversion trends

How We Can Help

We can work with your company to develop a conversion campaign that builds on your assets, improves and tests hypotheses and strategies, and optimizes revenue at all levels of the buying cycle so that your business generates more revenue and happier customers.