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Landing Page Conversion

All the effort to build traffic to your site can be lost in a few seconds if your landing page does not support strong conversion rates.  Generating traffic is only the first step, keeping them on your site with a clear call to action that converts visitors to customers is critical.

Landing page conversion looks at every element of your website’s first impression to your visitors.  This includes both code elements, as well as design and functionality of the landing page.  Determining if your landing page “offer” and the value proposition are effective for your message and conversion rate are essential elements in the process.  Providing effective ways for the visitor to see your call to action and make the conversion step are also critical to building a strong conversion mechanism.

Benefits of This Strategy

The benefits of traffic fall quickly if the traffic bails out in the first few seconds without spending ample time on the site to see the value your product or service offers.  Many sites make conversion a challenge, and the call to action can be murky or hard to find.

The real benefit for a company is in the conversion success rate, and the development of a strong landing page is instrumental to making the visitor a customer.

The proper use of navigation links and the format of your landing page can impact the efficacy of your site and drastically alter your conversion rate.

Developing a strong pattern of conversion with an attention grabbing headline, lead copy and call to action can increase your conversion rates, improve your revenue and increase the potential for repeat business.

Creating a unified message with images and copy to attract attention, hold the visitor’s attention and increase willingness to convert to customers is essential in the success of your website.

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