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User Testing

User Testing – sometimes confused with website usability testing – does just that; it uses a focused group of unbiased external testers with the same demographic profile as your target audience and analyzes the way they engage with your site.

The need to attract targeted audiences to your website is part of the critical path. Understanding how that demographic sees your site and responds to it can have great impact on its success.

Usability testing is extremely important in the development of your website. User testing is a powerful way to understand the issues and challenges your target market will experience with your website.

Overly cluttered sites, complex or overly artistic sites can confuse the user. Call to action functions need to be clear, easy to find and function well. If the site is frustrating, the visitor will move on long before they become a consumer.

Benefits of These Services

Understanding how they see the site, where they get lost in the site and where they bounce out of the site can help you make improvements, design ad placement and make appropriate adjustments to the website.

User testing can provide specific information about the engagement of your market and how they see your website is powerful information, which can lead to improved conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction. User testing can provide cost effective information about the design and functionality of your website, improving revenue generation and conversion rates.

One of the most powerful elements of Internet Marketing is the connection of all the dots; how well do you understand your market, your product, your visitors, the conversion funnel and process and how well can you bring all that together in your website.