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Web Usability

Usability is the ease of use and intuitive nature of the website. For example – How easy is it for the user to navigate the site on the first visit, how satisfied is the visitor with the site, and how fast can they remember the site upon their next visit? Website usability testing measures and monitors key factors in conversion in order for businesses to ultimately be successful online.

It seems a basic concept, that your website needs to work for the purpose intended. It needs to be a strong call to action and to convert the visitor to the engaged, converted customer. But landing page conversion and website usability and conversion is often an over-looked element of web design.

Does the site flow, can visitors find what they are looking for, and does the content tell them the important aspects of why they should buy here and with you. Or is it cluttered and hard to read?

In the mad dash to keep sites fresh and attractive, often the content and usability give way. Form and function are equally as important. Are they digging to find a way to contact you, is your phone, email, fax, twitter, Skype, and Facebook account information easily accessible?

These are the questions SEO Visions asks – and then works to improve across the board via a scientific approach to measurement.

User testing is a powerful way to evaluate and analyze the website’s usability. SEO Visions can help you with user testing, and a comprehensive review of your existing website’s usability as well as working with you in new website design and development.

Whether you need a current site reviewed and analyzed or you are building a new site SEO Visions can help you attain better, more efficient usability.

Benefits of Usability

There is little worse in website development than a site that confounds and confuses the user.

If they want to buy your product and can’t find the call to action functions, or want to contact you and can’t find the phone number; it is likely they will move on quickly. The attention span of the Internet user is measured in seconds not minutes. First impressions, and first reactions are critical in terms of usability.

Converting visitors to customers, means that they need to find your products, and are able to order them or contact you quickly.

SEO Visions and Usability

Contact SEO Visions today for more information about website usability and your comprehensive Internet Marketing Needs. SEO Visions has nearly a decade of experience in Internet Marketing and Website Usability.

SEO Visions’ professional team can provide the technical savvy, expertise and experience to develop improved performance for your website, making the experience better for your visitors and customers.