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Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Post Submissions at SEO Visions

We believe that being part of an open community of SEO consultants, online marketers and branding companies, to name a few, helps provide high quality information to our readers about our industry and it is a beautiful thing to see. We love to write high quality guest posts and we hope you do too!

At SEO Visions we believe in sharing and being part of the greater community and discussion. We invite you to help us share your expertise and knowledge to our readers in our blog.

Our readers are highly knowledgeable about SEO, Online Marketing, Social Media and other aspects of marketing, so it is important to understand this when submitting guest post content for review. Content must be very unique and present a unique approach or problem solving solution. How to articles, lists, new trends that provide value, tools or assets are always appreciated.

General Guidelines

  • The guest post must be about SEO, branding, content marketing, link building, social media or a related field.
  • The post needs to be high quality. Our readers are very knowledgeable about online marketing and we will not publish guest posts that do not convey unique approaches to solve problems, help understand  problems, etc.
  • You can provide links to sites in the guest post, but they might apply to the guest post and support or represent the example. We do not accept commercial citations in the post itself unless they support the information.
  • We will provide you two links in the bio / resources section – one to your company or blog, and one to your favorite social media profile.
  • We don’t allow affiliate links in guest posts.
  • The post must be 100% original dedicated to publishing at our website and no other website. You agree to not publish this unique content anywhere else including your blog, other blogs or social profiles.

Content/Technical Guidelines

  • Submit your post in HTML as a plain-text document.
  • The post needs to be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Your bio should not be more than 50 words.
  • Include any images you need to the content
  • Use H2 tags for sub-headings.
  • Make sure to include the author byline at the bottom, with the link to your website already formatted.
  • Your post may be also be edited prior to publication for quality or clarity.
  • Send all of the content over, once you have been approved to write, in a zip file (images and word doc with links intact)

Finally, thank you for considering submitting your content to us. We feel honored accepting high quality content share with the community. Should we consider your content we will let you know if there are any details to edit, and will give you a scheduled submission date.

Please help the SEO Community by sharing the content once posted with your readership and community.

To submit a guest post, email todd [at] seovisions (dot) com with the Subject Line – “SEO Visions Guest Post Submission”

  • Attach your post as Word Doc with images – all in a zip folder
  • Summarize your post in a few sentences
  • Include why you think our readers would benefit from this post.
  • Include links to other content (preferably other guest posts) that you’ve published.
  • Include a link to your own blog or where you write regularly.

Thank you very much for sharing.

We would like to give a shout out to Ontolo for helping us craft meaning into our guest post guidelines page!