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How To Leverage Press Releases For Your Search Engine Success

Press releases aren’t usually what come to mind when you think of search engine optimization. Press releases are for companies looking to make major announcements, or turn media focus towards something they’ve accomplished, aren’t they? Thanks to search engine algorithms and press release websites, press releases aren’t just for major industries anymore. Small businesses can benefit from them as well.

If you have a message you want to deliver to a wide audience, and your usual content marketing outlets just aren’t getting you the exposure you want, it’s time to whip up a press release. These are simple to produce and easy to distribute, and you can cover a lot of ground with just one piece of content when you do it right. Take a look for yourself.

Press Releases By The Book: Plug Your Content Into The Format

There is a fairly standard format for press releases that absolutely works. You can turn any piece of content into a press release by following the press release format, which is outlined in detail at PRWeb’s How-To section.

Press releases begin with an attention-grabbing headline: usually you should spell out exactly what it is your press release should cover, with just enough fluff to turn heads. Under that, write a summary paragraph that spells out the purpose of your press release again, but in more detail. Be sure to include context for why this press release is valuable as informative news in this summary paragraph.

Your first paragraph beneath the summary paragraph will begin with the city and state in which your business’s headquarters is located (with your web address in parentheses) followed by the month, day, and year of publication. After an em dash “—“ you will provide two to three body paragraphs going into more detail over your topic.

The final paragraph should be a general statement about your company, what you do, and other necessary facts. This paragraph has come under some debate recently, as it often gets flagged as duplicate content in search engines. If you’re looking for regular coverage from print news publications or other major news media outlets, you should provide this standard business section despite search engine algorithms.

If you’re solely producing press releases to increase your search result performance, you should consider rewriting or heavily editing this paragraph to avoid punishment for duplicate content. You’ll also want to focus exclusively on one, or a few select keywords—this way you’ll focus healthy reputation-building rank points directly on keywords you’re trying to improve.

Sharing Your Press Releases Through Fast Syndication and Instant Publishing

Once you’ve written your press release with the recommended format, it’s time to distribute. You don’t have to look any farther than PRWeb, PR Newswire, or any other press release syndication websites you might stumble upon in a quick search. Press release syndication websites offer different plans and packages for your syndication reach, from free coverage to paid plans that guarantee you coverage on major news organizations’ top pages.

Press release marketing is good for accomplishing a number of different objectives, depending on your needs. Press releases will provide excellent short-term ranking benefits based on where your press releases go and the speed of news publication on your selected media outlets. You’ll have to plan on syndicating press releases on a regular basis to really enjoy the additional links and referrals back to your website. Once monthly is perfectly acceptable for press release blasts, so you don’t have to plan a press release into your daily or weekly content.

With a careful focus on keywords, and finding the right outlets for your media blasts to get picked up on, press releases and PR syndication websites are excellent content tools for anyone that needs a boost to their SERPs results. Take these tips and experiment with release scheduling to find what works best for your bottom line.

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