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Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile Marketing refers to the use of mobile or wireless devices (not all wireless devices are mobile) to communicate marketing, promotional or branding information to existing or potential customers. This can includes SMS (short message service) usually in the form of text, or mobile applications or mobile accessible web pages.

The ubiquitous nature of the smart phone has made this one of the high growth marketing areas. Smart phones have created new methods, mediums and modes of communication with customers, potential customers and within the organization. Smart phone applications have been developed by the hundreds of thousands and now offer every conceivable option to connect, network and communicate.

Benefits of Mobile Phone Marketing

Mobile Marketing keeps the connection to your customers constantly going, it allows you to distribute new information and product or service information in a heartbeat. The GPS and Bluetooth capabilities allow you to collect information on the range of your customers and your impact on geographical regions. For companies wanting to drive traffic to a physical location, the mobile marketing can provide maps, directions and ongoing communication to support the process. This is becoming increasingly influential in local SEO.

Mobile Marketing is critical for your business; our company has the expertise to make this a successful part of your Internet Marketing and Branding Campaign.

SEO Visions and Mobile Marketing

SEO Visions can help you keep your message moving along with your targeted audience.

Using Short Message Service (SMS), Smart Phone Applications and Tablet mediums to send direct, targeted messages to your customers and to drive new traffic; a SEO Visions mobile marketing campaign can keep your products and services touchable and available.

Mobile Marketing techniques can include integration with Bluetooth and GPS systems, QR Codes (Quick Response) development and management. Mobile marketing allows customers and businesses to be in constant contact making the time to market negligible and the impact of this form of marketing instantaneous. New phone options, video and mixed media communications are pushing the existing boundaries of mobile marketing. Keeping up with the technology and mobile capabilities is critical.

Keeping current on the changing regulations, best practices and latest compatibility issues can also be challenging. SEO Visions understands mobile marketing with nearly a decade of experience in the Internet Industry and the technical expertise to help your company develop, manage and analyze the mobile marketing segment as a stand-alone technique or part of a more Comprehensive Internet Marketing Program.

Put your company in the hands of the experts at SEO Visions, reporting, analytics and results along with nearly a decade of expertise make SEO Visions the perfect fit for your Internet Marketing needs.

SEO Visions has the experience, expertise and relentless dedication to the Internet Marketing Industry you need to get the results you demand.

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