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Reputation Management

Reputation management is the process of managing, controlling and monitoring comments, postings and references to a company, its products or services or the overall brand of the company.

The Internet is fast, dynamic and sends the message to world without hesitation 24/7, 365 days a year. If that is your branded message it can be a powerful force to drive business, if it is negative comments, erroneous information or deliberate malice that same force can destroy your business in a flash.

Online Reputation Management services work to erase the negative comments, ensure accurate information and replace the errors and malicious commentary with the facts, your branded message and the positive messages you want the world to have about your company.

As part of a comprehensive Online Marketing Program, Reputation Management is even more impactful, especially for companies dealing frequently with Internet sites using feedback and rating systems. Blogs and comments, customer feedback sites and complaint sites can all produce negative feedback for a company. Some can be inaccurate and destructive. Reputation management works to correct the error, replace the flaming comments with accurate and factual information.

Analytics, feedback mechanism and monitoring methods can be part of the reputation management process, keeping the company clear of hazards and landmines on the Internet.

Benefits of Reputation Management

Years of effort and thousands of dollars in brand development can be destroyed in a heartbeat by even false information about your company. Companies dealing with crisis management and damage control have additional issues. Once a news item or press release have hit the Internet it is challenging to eliminate and/or control the related damage it can do. We can both develop prevention as well as reactive management processes to protect your reputation and the brand you have worked so hard to develop.

Managing your online reputation can help you navigate the rough waters when negative press hits the Internet about your company. We diligently track all references to your company and will take both proactive and reactive measures to keep the reputation you have worked so hard to develop.