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Search Engine Optimization

We are an experienced and reputable online marketing company located and operated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We help small and medium sized business owners like you develop strong online presence by way of high rankings in Google and Bing for your targeted keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services help improve your business visibility via your websites by ranking higher on search engine result pages (Google, Bing).

These services form the absolute baseline of online search engine marketing, connecting your brand to the world. These services are critical for every business today in order to compete and grow. Whether you market nationally, or are a local business wanting to be focused on achieving high local SEO results the principle is the same.

Our experts focus on both national and local campaigns for companies who wish to increase their online lead generation and visibility.

How Our Company Benefits You

It’s all about visibility and brand recognition. In order to do business with your company, people must be able to find your company.

Only 2% of Internet searchers ever go beyond the first page of results. If you want your business, products or services to be seen you need to be in the top 10 results in Google and Bing. The process of getting to the top 10 and staying there is a complex and dynamic process.

Why work With Us?

This process grows and changes over time, you need a reliable, experience and trusted company working for your organization that understands how it works, how it is changing and what this means for your business; and most importantly how to react to get you results on page one of Google and Bing. We use custom tools as an agency to pinpoint key factors in campaigns and drive traffic.

Your Peace of Mind

We have years of experience, proven performance, consistent growth experience and diverse industry expertise needed to establish, focus and improve your visibility and search engine performance.

We can integrate our natural link building techniques into your comprehensive marketing campaign or provide them as a stand-alone service. Comprehensive understanding of your unique selling proposition, your targeted demographic and the keywords and key phrases that will drive interest in your business are critical.

We also provide services in a variety of approaches including training and consulting.


We can be your complete outsourced provider for companies looking for ranking results in the search engines without adding to their internal workforce. In this case, we manage the process from start to finish; providing you with feedback, reporting and analytics on the results. We are focused, dedicated and tenacious to get you business the results and customers you need.

Consulting Services

We are a local company that can provide consultation and recommendations on the best approaches for you to take this internally, or improve your existing process. This can included keyword and niche analysis and consultation on the best approaches to build results.

Training and Professional Development

With our comprehensive SEO training & development, we work with your existing staff or advise on the hiring or placement of new staff to provide on going SEO support and resources.

Audit and Assessment

Technical audits offer a comprehensive review of your existing websites,processes and SERP (search engine results page) performance; along with recommendations for website improvement and improved performance all the way from html code, through meta tags, internal linking and page titles to page theme.

Assessment can review staff and processes to find strengths and challenges to the search engine optimization process, along with recommendations for improved performance.

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