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Local SEO Services

Knowing your local market is important for regional businesses, and being recognized and found in local searches can be critical to the success of the brick and mortar business.

Local SEO services can help optimize results for your business and help potential customers find your location on Google maps. This is a powerful weapon in the market share war.

Proper optimization of your website can be helpful for attracting new customers, and building strong relationships with existing customers as well as attracting tourists and traveling customers who may need services to improve their visit to your area. Google Local / Google Maps optimization is a very important part of developing a strong local online business.

Improved search ranking, cross referenced placement in local directory services and the use of online marketing hubs like Google Places can all work to help potential customers find your business at the right time.

Benefits of Our Services

The marketplace has gotten increasingly complex, for the brick and mortar business competition comes not just from the shop down the road, but from the online competition as well.  Many customers value the local connection, and prefer to shop in a sustainable manner with the companies closest to them.

Working with each other to build relationships, improve market share and drive increased traffic to the local area strengthens local communities.   The increased sales tax builds local services and helps with the maintenance of the community.  For many consumers these are important considerations for where they shop.

Today’s consumer is the most educated shopper in modern times, the availability of information allows for stronger competitive shopping, price and value comparison often before the shopper ever sets out for the store.  Making certain that your products and services are clearly articulated, the value proposition clearly defined and local listings made clear for the shopper are all important to building and sustaining your business.

Developing a comprehensive and strategic online presence for your business website will aid your company in strengthening sales, revenue and in it’s ability to build and sustain traffic.

How We Work

With nearly a decade of experience and more than 100 successful internet marketing campaigns to our credit we know how to maximize your visibility both in your local area and in the online marketplace.  We work with you to accomplish clear objectives, increase return on investment and provide justified web analytics to show the progress of your account. We are located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, but service local, nation and international businesses.

Contact us today for more details and to find out how you can increase your local search presence.