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On Page Optimization

Web Page Optimization defines the techniques associated with improving the impact of the webpage in the search engine optimization process. This process includes every aspect of the website including:

  • Keyword Research
  • Page Content
  • Page Coding
  • Link Structure
  • Technical Audits
  • Server and Delivery

Keyword Research

Keywords – those search words that bring your market and the search engine to your page – are the foundation of good page optimization.

Keyword research requires both experience and clear understanding of the market and the search engine page ranking process. Keywords alone are not usually enough to improve rank, understanding the keywords (phrases and word combinations) that will also lead your market to your webpage are important. Trends, seasonal factors and changes from off page techniques such as link building will be important considerations.

Page Content

Content is King. Search engines look at the organic nature of content, the content needs to appeal to visitors and have readability. Plugging in a slew of keywords to y0ur copy haphazardly could reduce your search engine page rank results.

Web content, keywords and other techniques need consistent evaluation and testing to maximize keyword usage, and achieve on page optimization and thus better search engine rankings. We offer comprehensive evaluation and testing services as well as full service Internet Marketing services.

Page Coding

The coding of your web page is also very important in terms of on page SEO. The code choice, the use of title tags and Meta tags have changed over time, keeping up with the latest advantages, strategic options and web page optimization techniques is part of our comprehensive program.

Cleaning up the code and getting rid of extra code left by web authoring tools and improving page-loading speed are also part of this service.

Along the vein of ‘visible’ content optimization, image coding can impact page optimization. We review your page including the image and “ALT” tags as well as the other aspects of your page code.

Code should be lean, mean and focused. This leads to not only better SEO results, but faster webpage load times – which improves conversions and reduces customer wait times.

Link Structure

The structure of links and link building is an essential aspect of on page SEO; structuring the links both internal and external is important to optimize the search success. Ensuring that first links on your website are optimized properly, that clearly defined navigation are built with the user in mind, and that outgoing links are based on trusted websites only are only a small sample of audits we make, and improve, on behalf of your business.

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