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Press Releases

Press Release Management is the creation, distribution and reporting of press releases, or newsworthy or timely articles that are aimed at the media. A press release is distributed to media services such as online press distribution services, newspapers and magazines or TV/Radio news.

A good press release provides information about your company or brand, usually includes recent events or news about the firm; and should include keywords and links to your website.

The content and format of the press release are critical. The press release distribution needs to be engaging and informative, but it needs to be read. Professional writers can maximize the impact of your press release and understand how important the distribution process is to driving the press release to your targeted audience. There is both an art and a science to the creation of powerful press releases.


  • They keep you in the news. A good press release will get your message out and keep both current customers and potential customers informed about current events and activities.
  • Writing releases are a strategic way to attract journalists looking for stories, articles and featured experts. This can increase traffic and awareness for your company.
  • A regular press release strategy can help build relationships with a media list, which can be a powerful catalyst for your public relations program.
  • The press release offers a great return on investment when done properly, it can hit worldwide distribution with just the right push and your story can be news for the world in an instant.
  • They generate backlinks to your site and increase traffic.
  • Press releases keep your site current and up to date.
  • Optimized press releases use your keyword research to improve SEO results as well as traffic.

How We Can Help Build Your Brand

Getting your message out in a timely fashion is critical. Making the most of important milestones can amplify your brand. We can manage the writing, scheduling and distribution of your Press Releases and coordinate them with timely events, news and campaigns.

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