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Technical Audits

One of the first steps for many of SEO Vision’s clients is to evaluate the overall Internet Presence and report on that presence

An SEO Audit looks at all on and off page factors for any website and compares those to competitors. The audit also reviews ranking objectives for keywords for the business and matches them with ranking reports showing the gaps in positioning and results. This sets a baseline to determine progress and to assess the areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. We use a series of checklists certified by our expert consultants to create comprehensive reports which define changes needed to your website.

Why Audit Your Website?

Our technical audit provides you – the business – a comprehensive understanding of your web site, from all perspectives. It also includes an assessment of your company’s use of social media channels and network applications, link building techniques and other SEO techniques. It includes a comprehensive review of your in-house expertise, market share, branded message and Internet presence over the recent past and currently. We will also identify your company’s risk for reputation management issues and opportunities to improve search engine page rank, traffic and conversion. This process allows your company to invest only in areas that will benefit, build from existing strengths and develop a strategic approach.

SEO is part of a strategy, comprehensive approach to integrating your brand, your unique selling proposition and the demographic you have targeted to the search engines that may tie this all together.  We provide your company with clear recommendations to improve your page ranking, search potential, traffic and conversion rates. The report will provide clear, concise information on how your current search strategy can be improved, opportunities to increase revenue and visibility and ways to strengthen connections and networking. This will include recommendations for training, professional development and consulting or full service outsourced options.

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