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Social Media Communities can include any one of a number of types of communities including: blogging such as WordPress or microblogging like Twitter, social communities such as Facebook, content specific such as youTube or virtual words like gaming or simulation models like Second Life. Social media networking, bookmarking and its application to SEO has grown and evolved over time. The number and scope of social communities is mind-boggling.

Social Media Communities and Business

Some communities, like Linkedin are well suited for some businesses while others such as Yelp have been strong business drivers (both positive and negative) for retail, travel and hospitality businesses.

Social Media Communities and SEO

Social media communities have large audiences, some more than others. Understanding the purpose, audience and appeal of the community is important. Knowing the industry specific communities can provide powerful information and insight for your market. Many social media communities provide informative metrics and analytics to understand how you are performing within the community.

The rise and fall of social media communities can be head turning. Social bookmarking was a primary factor, and now has faded in its impact. Understanding when to ride the wave, when to depart and when to stand fast takes experience and commitment to staying current with trends in social media communities and their impact on the SEO process.

Working within industry niche social media communities to establish your company, as a leader in industry expertise can be a powerful part of your comprehensive Internet Marketing Program. The SEO Visions professional team can help you find the right communities, build the right content and position your company as an influencer and industry expert.

Social Media Communities and SEO Visions

SEO Visions can help you sort through the sea of options, use social media communities and their related techniques to further enhance your overall Internet Marketing Campaign. Either as a stand alone service or as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign, social media management from SEO Visions can provide guidance and proven results.

SEO Visions can help you navigate the myriad of social communities, determine the best, strategic communities for your organization and can help you manage the labor intensity of keeping current and maximizing the value of each community.

Knowing what community is in, what is out and where your company fits in the mix takes timing, commitment and expertise. With nearly a decade of SEO and Social Media experience, SEO Visions can keep you focused on the results and strategic intent you demand. SEO Visions will work tenaciously to get you connected to the right Social Media Communities, as they apply to your Internet Marketing Strategy.

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