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Facebook Marketing

Facebook emerged in 2004, as the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg, and several of his classmates and colleagues while at Harvard as a social application for campus users; by 2011 it has risen to 800 million active users worldwide. While it was developed as a social networking community, it has also become an essential business tool in social media marketing and search engine optimization.

The rise of social media as a force in SEO and marketing in general requires inclusion of social media in your overall marketing strategy. Facebook has certainly changed the game in many ways. The rules for a Facebook page for a business are quite different than a personal profile.

Facebook and Business

It is one thing to use Facebook to share family photos and remember birthdays but quite another to make it a strategic part of your company’s branded message and it’s comprehensive Internet Marketing Campaign.

Understanding how to develop a Facebook marketing strategy to improve your SEO results and to drive traffic to your website requires the expertise, SEO Visions can help you maximize the changing landscape and opportunities in Facebook and other online social networks. This includes the development and optimization of your business Facebook page, use of viral channels, links and fan building.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook offers a number of ways for business to use its huge base of users to advertise, promote their business and connect to current and potential customers.

It is important to understand the cost benefit analysis of advertising on Facebook, its demographic and your business. The Social Media Experts at SEO Visions can help your company navigate Fan Pages, Ad Copy and CTR (Click Through Rates).

Facebook and SEO

The rise of users on Facebook has propelled it into the forefront of the search engine marketing world. It is most effective for companies when strategically combined with a comprehensive Internet Marketing Program. It can expedite your branded message, your Internet presence and connect your message in an integrated process. Understanding how to manage marketing in Facebook and other social media, takes the experience and expertise of SEO Visions.

There has been some controversy with Facebook and in some countries its use has been banned. There are issues related to privacy, shared information and security within the application. Understanding how to navigate concerns and risks with social media is critical to protect your company, your company’s reputation and your brand.