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Google +1

In the war for control of the social media market, Google has clearly fired another big shot over the bow of Facebook with Google Plus.  It is clear by design and feature collection that Google Plus is aiming to pull traffic from Twitter and Facebook.  The early growth number for Google Plus look as though they may succeed.

Google has used a blue sky approach to the development of their second response to the social market, since Google Buzz was not successful on any level.  They have looked at the elements lacking in the social media market, including comprehensive integration of sharing and connection and developed some interesting options like unlimited photo space, hangouts for video chatting with your connections and integration with posts and mixed media.

Google Plus and business continues to evolve, but as a platform to connect to your clients, express your point of view and provide up dates on your product line it is a significant opportunity to expand into an entirely differently channel of social connection.  Managing to utilize emerging technology can be made much simpler with the expertise of Social Marketing and Branding professionals at SEO Visions.

Benefits of Google Plus

It has been clear since the start of Google Plus that the effort has been to create a significant difference in the ways in which connection is possible.  Rather than one long thread of social commentary there are nooks and crannies here, which allow you to get specific messages to specific connections.  Understanding how to integrate a complex platform into your Marketing and Branding effort can be challenging but the potential of Google Plus to integrate with other successful applications such as Gmail makes it a strong contender.

Google’s ability to integrate targeted ads and to use the success of Google Analytics, AdWords and AdSense to drive targeted traffic allow Google Plus to be a formidable option for commerce as well as increasing visibility with targeted demographics.

There is a strong innovative thread running through Google Plus. This difference can be a challenge to get a hold of initially, as there are clearly unique features; but it allows the medium to grow from the use of the connections.  Hangouts can become a niche on their own and the group video chat concept is a bold plan.

SEO Visions and Google +

Nearly a decade of experience allows the professionals at SEO Visions to provide a level of expertise that helps you navigate the new waters of Google Plus.  SEO Visions can utilize the emerging opportunities of Google Plus to strengthen your brand, expand your reach and support your sales and marketing efforts.

Strategic and integrated marketing and branding campaigns from SEO Visions bring strong return on investment.

Contact SEO Visions today to find out how Google Plus and other elements can build and strengthen your successful Internet marketing program.