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Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a social media application that uses micro-blogging to connect users. The application uses a maximum of 140 characters in each posting.

Twitter History

Since it’s inception in 2006 Twitter has grown in popularity exponentially; by 2011 it had 200 million users, 200 million tweets a day and 1.6 billion Twitter searches each day. Developed by Jack Dorsey as an internal organizational message service for the pod cast company Odeo; the firm launched it publicly shortly after. Twitter spun out into its own company by 2007, but exploded into fame at the South by Southwest Expo in 2008.

Twitter and Business

Twitter is guerilla marketing on steroids. It allows you to instantly reach your audience, track the activity of your competition and check the pulse point on consumer trends and activities. Twitter marketing strategies can be especially effective when combined with Marketing, Internet Marketing, SEO and Customer Loyalty programs. News, press releases, special offers and discounts can be distributed worldwide in an instant.

Twitter and Trending

Twitter uses #(hashtags) to mark keywords for “trending” which allows twitter followers to search for topics related to that keyword or phrase. Trending success leads to top billing in recommendations and trending lists.

Twitter and SEO

Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites have been on and off again with SEO and page rank success. There was a “no follow” rule for a while to keep social media posting from skewing page ranking but in 2010 Google announced that their search algorithm did take into account social media sharing as part of its ranking system.

The current understanding is that content and authority as well as sharing and reference are as important in social media as in other elements of page rank considerations. Managing the changes in SEO and social media takes commitment, dedication and experience.

Twitter and SEO Visions

Social media has changed the SEO process in major ways. Twitter has become one of the leaders in the social media networking movement. SEO Visions can help you understand how to use Twitter as a foundational element in your SEO and Internet Marketing Campaign; including selecting name, utilizing your bio and keywords as well the strategic use of followers, links and viral channels.

SEO Visions will take the confusion out of the Internet Marketing process, allowing you to have time to focus on your core competencies and still have the success you need to build your business.

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