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Turn Your Business Into A Branded Authority: Professional Blogging and Content Marketing

Recent developments in search engine algorithms and shifts in focus by major search providers have oriented the internet and online businesses towards fresh, new, informative content. Businesses trying to attract more online customers and reach the greatest amount of search traffic need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to search engines’ rules and algorithmic changes.

One surefire way to stay relevant and reach the top of search engine results is to rely on professional blogging. Blogging can give you a dedicated space to publish immediately relevant content that’s timely and interesting to your readers. There are plenty of other outlets for your blog posts besides your own business’s blog, though. Professional blogging for your business encompasses more than just filling your own blog with content—to really maximize your search results performance, you’ll want to look out to the wider internet and use your content strategically.

Guest Posting: Become A Leading Voice in Your Industry by Contributing To Other Sites

Guest posting is the cornerstone of an expansive content strategy geared towards search results. It sounds like a raw deal at first: you’re creating content at your own expense for someone else’s blog—you may get paid, but not in most cases. Instead of writing guest posts off as free help, you should consider the weight of a guest post for your business and your contributor’s site. Guest posting gives your content a far greater reach at very little expense to you.

When you guest post, you’ll have trusted content linked to your name and your online reputation on websites other than your own—a major boost for off-site optimization. The website you’re contributing to may have an entirely different audience you aren’t reaching by your own efforts, so you attract those readers to your name and your brand. Your authority as a major figure in your field greatly increases as others request that you contribute something to their website. Most importantly, you can build a mutually beneficial relationship that will become more valuable over time.

Packaged Content: Turn Your Blog Posts Into Professional Resources and Products

The best aspect of professional blogging is that your blog content can be repurposed in a variety of different ways. Once you’ve accumulated enough blog posts on a topic, you’ll have enough content to start thinking about turning your content into a product of its own. Related blog posts can become the basis for a professional whitepaper, an e-book, training resources, or other resources you can offer your business affiliates and customers in exchange for their support.

Packaging and repurposing content is an easy way to make your content live a second life as a useful piece of material. Blog posts don’t have an expiration date—especially if you’re willing to turn it into something useful multiple times over. Packaging your content into something useful is a zero-effort solution that adds value to your website without any additional time or monetary investment. Your readers and other business affiliates in your field will appreciate the value you’re giving them, and you’ll enjoy more visitors and greater authority thanks to the word of mouth you’ll gain from that content.

Syndication: Fuel Greater Successes with Valuable Pieces of Your Content

Syndication and guest posting sound similar—you’re still supplying other professionals with your own content, but the similarities end there. Syndication can be a latent process, where you indicate on your content that all or parts of it can be repurposed by other content writers on their blogs. You can also reach out to other blogs and content providers to actively syndicate through their platforms, providing them with content that adds value to their own content efforts.

Syndication is a much more formal guest posting arrangement, where you provide content not to other blogs in your field necessarily, but also to written publications, newspapers, professional newsletters, and online publications with massive audiences. Syndication can also be a monetary arrangement between a client or business partner, which can add immediate value to your efforts.

As you experiment with content strategies and find what works best for you, you’ll find new ways to repurpose and reuse your content, and new ways to add multiple product lifespans that let you get the most from your best pieces.

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