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Web Analytics Services

Analytics refers to the analysis of data in order to make informed decisions, evaluate processes and determine efficacy of systems. It is important to utilize sound mathematical concepts as well as statistical techniques in the development and analysis of results, in order to provide metrics that measure the desired affect. Some examples of vendors that help facilitate the process by tracking online traffic are Google Analytics, Adobe Web Analytics (Omniture) and Web Trends (mobile and social analytics).

SEO and Social Media Marketing Analytics are prolific and have been used to demonstrate impact. Not every metric will be useful in examining the progress of your Internet Marketing Campaign. Understanding the metrics or web analytics and what they actually are is an important first step in the process. Clear and concise goals, milestones and benchmarks can help track progress along the way.

At the heart of every SEO and Internet Marketing Campaign are the data collection, analysis and response to the trends and patterns. Analytics that truly reflect performance as it relates to your targeted demographic can allow you to respond to emerging trends and new opportunities.

The Internet is a dynamic and fast moving arena, there are internal and external factors at play that need to be carefully managed to keep both your brand and your campaign on track.

It takes experience, expertise and deep understanding of the search engine process as well as clear direction as to the goals of the Internet Marketing campaign to develop an effective analytic program. It is also important to have the experience to know how to respond to the findings.

SEO Visions will provide weekly progress reports, collect data and provide analytics reports and evaluation with actionable recommendations to allow your campaign to stay on track and to drive results to your bottom line.


  • Quantifiable progress reports
  • Analytics for the overall campaign as well as promotions and sub-campaigns.
  • Responsiveness to patterns and trends
  • Track results by current demographic and targeted populations
  • Track results by geographic region, product or service line
  • Generate baseline and milestone target goals by campaign, product or season

SEO Visions and Web Analytics Management

Collecting data is only the first part of the process, knowing how to evaluate, analyze and create actionable recommendations from the findings is critical to effectively responding to Internet Marketing trends and processes.

SEO Visions has the expertise to manage all your Internet Marketing needs while providing you with clear reporting and analytics to show the results you need and strong return on your investment (ROI).

Put your Internet Marketing in the hands of SEO Visions with nearly a decade of successful experience, they have everything you need to get real results.

Contact us today for more information on getting your results rolling and developing clear, concise and accurate analytics to keep your Internet Marketing Campaign on track.