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Why Brands Win In Google

Any SEO company knows exactly how important Google is for their business. Google are the search engine trendsetters, often paving the way for new technologies and developments in the ways we interact with our online world. The search giant does more than lead the way in search, though. Google helps businesses win in many other ways than just search: hopping on-board Google’s powerful services can increase productivity and make your business operate smoothly.

Google Products Enhance Search

It goes without saying that Google’s search capabilities are second to none. Google sees more than 1 billion unique visitors every month, all looking for businesses, answers to questions, and general knowledge. Google knows that customers use their search tools to find businesses, so Google has developed tools to deliver more valuable information for relevant businesses. In this sense, Google search is designed for your business: by giving Google information on your business, you help them send more search traffic to you.

Google Places is an excellent example. Thanks to recent updates, Google is focused on delivering more local results for search users. By signing up with Google Places and providing Google your business’s information, you are helping them fill in blanks that they may have indexed inaccurately or not at all. As a result, Google will show your business in relevant searches, showing users a map pointing right to your business first and foremost. The end result is that everyone benefits: Google’s search result capabilities improve, and your business gets more traffic from related searches.

Google AdWords is another example of services that drive value directly to businesses. Using Google’s own in-house PPC system is a breeze, and can reduce overall marketing costs by making low-price opportunities easy to deploy and monitor. AdWords allows you to directly promote your business in search, at a fraction of what other similar services might cost through third-party clients. With inexpensive AdWords purchases and Google Places information up to date, Google levels the playing field so that large businesses and small, hyper-localized businesses can compete for search traffic based on the quality of their content and their web optimization.

Your Business’s Social Signals Matter

Google Plus is another fine example of products that drive better rankings. With the addition of business pages in Google Plus, Google’s social networking product, search results have gained an entirely new level of depth. If a potential customer searches for a keyword related to your business, or they search for your business or industry, and the topic has come up in discussion on their Google Plus profile at any time, results from their Plus profile will pop up above all other search results. If they are searching for your business and it has been mentioned on Plus, your company will be “validated” by association with the user’s friends. If you establish a business page on Google Plus, your rankings will improve and your profile will be listed in relevant searches, as well. Google is encouraging search customers to hop on-board Google Plus, and your business can earn traffic through Google’s efforts.

Even if your search traffic isn’t coming from Google Plus members, having a Google Plus page for your business and for yourself is an important step to raising your search rankings. Google has announced that AuthorRank will become an increasingly important factor in ranking content for webpages, and associates this score with Google Plus profiles. In the coming months, Google will focus more on the value and quality of content, and will assign AuthorRank points to the content author accordingly. Your personal AuthorRank will carry across content, and will add to the overall PageRank of the websites your content appears on. The end result could make strong SEO writers a valuable asset: as one piece of content becomes increasingly more valuable and shows up more in searches, the author’s other pieces of content will earn increased PageRank from the increased AuthorRank.

Google Powers Management Tools

Outside of Google’s search enhancement products lies a network of powerful business-class communications and analytics tools that help businesses work smarter and seize opportunities faster. Google Analytics powers real-time data monitoring for business websites and can help your business target exact success metrics for your online promotions. From tracking your sales funnels to monitoring the success of an online marketing campaign, Analytics empowers your business with free tools that let you laser-focus your business on stress points and successful opportunities.

Google Apps also help businesses move seamlessly into the cloud, securing the integrity of their digital business and providing the convenience and ease of mind of a fully equipped enterprise software suite. Google provides increased email and document storage space, fully integrated mail and calendar apps, 99.9% reliability for all cloud-based storage and services, and integration with current office software products and any other professional tools you may need to use or share with others. Now that their business-class apps services have received ISO 27001 certification, large-scale corporations can now move to Google’s services with the peace of mind.

It’s easy to see just how much value a free Google account can get the average user. For large corporations and professionals, though, Google is ready to help your business reach new traffic peaks with services that are largely free or unbelievably inexpensive. Businesses looking to win while reducing their margins at the same time know that Google is the go-to solution for their needs.

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