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Why Keywords Are More Important Than Ever Before

If you’ve ever used Google before, you should understand the power of keywords. Keywords are what drive your search results no matter what you’re looking for. Search engine algorithms drive visitors to your website based on the keywords you use. If you aren’t studying your keywords and revising your key term focus for better results every so often, you’re missing a prime opportunity to increase the amount of search traffic that comes to your site, and losing potential customers to other competitors in your search result competition.

Here are some reasons why keywords are so vitally important to your online marketing efforts, and how you can improve your keywords for maximum performance and optimal efficiency.

How Keywords Affect Your Business

Search engines like Google and Bing all handle your website’s keywords in advanced, complex ways. Your website may rank better for keywords that are featured more prominently on your website, or more often in your content. Your website may rank less effectively for keywords you want to focus on, but you haven’t used very often in your site copy or content development. In the past, search engines measured solely on keyword frequency, so SEO hackers could use easy tricks to sell fraudulent or unrelated services through legitimate keywords. Luckily that’s not the case these days.

Algorithms now focus less on simple frequency and density, but also focus more on content authority. Content that is shared on social networks often, cited in outside content on other websites, cites other high-ranking websites within its own content minimally but effectively, and attracts visitors long after it has been originally published, is considered “authoritative” content. There are certainly other factors that algorithms use to measure authority and relative value to readers, but exact algorithmic details are kept secret so they can’t be exploited.

How To Create Better Keywords for Your Business’s Online Content

Even though algorithm details are highly guarded, SEO professionals understand the fundamentals behind good, high-performance keywords that actually work. Here are a few tips directly from the experts on how to optimize your  keywords for increased performance.

  • When developing your keywords, start with a root phrase or term and branch out from there. This will give you a wealth of good keywords that don’t stray too far from your original focus.
  • For your content development, focus on a few keywords per piece and make sure your primary keyword is within the first 25 words of your document.
  • Using keywords in your headings and subheadings is an excellent idea, but make sure it’s natural.
  • Don’t force your keywords too often, instead use them once or twice and make sure they make sense contextually.
  • Longer articles perform better in search results because they provide more context for search crawlers. When your webpages are indexed and ranked for your focused keywords, you will fare better if you have 500 to 750 words of lengthy context to help associate your site with those keywords more specifically, as opposed to just 200 or 300 words highly focused on even one particular topic.
  • Use grammatical variations of your keyword(s) when you have to—this will help you optimize for anything and everything potential customers might search for.
  • Don’t make changes constantly. Wait for your page to be indexed before you start making any major new changes.

These are just a few tips on building better keywords that will not only attract customers immediately, but will also stay healthy in the long-term and maintain that increased authority over time. You can find more valuable suggestions here, or just search around online: “keyword” is one of the most competitive keywords on search engines because so many SEO professionals have their own published methods for success!

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